Hotel La Tour de Nesle La Rochelle Vieux Port

Our Restaurants selection

Discover our selection of the best restaurants in La Rochelle for a maritime…and culinary stay!

Le Yatchman

With a breathtaking view of the illuminated boats at night, this restaurant offers refined cuisine highlighting local products.

Christopher Coutanceau

Seafood and local products are sublimated in culinary creations of rare finesse. A star-studded evening for lovers of haute cuisine.

Les Flots

Les Flots, Michelin-starred, offers cuisine that highlights seafood in a contemporary and soothing setting.

La Yole de Chris

Nestled in the Old Port, Michelin-starred La Yole de Chris offers exceptional cuisine in a romantic setting. The dishes, expertly orchestrated, reflect the chef’s passion for fresh produce and daring combinations.

A good address for cocktail bars

Are you about to begin the night with some pre-drinks or end the night with chill drinks? Cocktails are always a good idea for either! Here are some cocktail addresses that you should try.

La Cadre

Spend the night at a stylish cocktail bar in La Rochelle’s old port. Awake your taste buds with fun and colourful creative cocktails crafted by La Cadre.

Le France 1

An ideal drinking spot on the upper deck of the ship. Le France 1 offers you the best location to sip and enjoy cocktails while watching sunsets.

La Marry Lili

A New York style inspired cocktail bar serving cocktails from homemade syrups and premium liquors. Discover and enjoy a variety of classic and creative cocktail recipes.


A cool cocktail bar hidden in the streets of the old port. Drinks are presented in a conceptual creation that will surprise you with an unforgettable cocktail experience.

Aquarium La Rochelle

Not an ideal weather to be outside ? Well you can still be inside and enjoy your day at the aquarium of La Rochelle !

Aquarium La Rochelle is known to be one of the largest private aquarium in Europe. There are around 82 aquarium displaying over 600 different marine species to explore. Be amazed by the biodiversity of marine creatures in 10 different universe settings. Within two hours, you can discover various ocean universe across the continents from the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea, to the marine life of the Indo-Pacific region. Don’t miss out the highlight of visiting the shark aquariums with more than 20 shark specimens.

The aquarium is located right in the city’s centre, only eight minutes away by walk from the hotel. It is open everyday from 10a.m. to 7p.m. In July and August the aquarium offers the opportunity for visitors to stroll through the ocean at nightfall until 11p.m.

Covered market OF LA ROCHELLE

Are you looking for a place where you can taste all the variety of products from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region? This market is for you! 

Located in the heart of the Old Town, this covered market, the first to sell meat in the city, was built between 1834 and 1836, and to this day it is still impossible not to be attracted by the different smells and flavors and the welcoming atmosphere! Start walking around the stalls to have a look at the products available. The fish stalls, the colors and brightness of the seasonal fruits, the original shapes of the vegetables that stand out on the stalls… As you walk around, ideas for lunch and dinner begin to take shape in your mind. 

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, the stalls stretch from Les Halles to the surrounding streets. Go and meet the fruits and vegetables vendors and market gardeners, whose colorful stalls offer excellent fresh fruits in the summer. At the fishmongers’ stalls you will find seafood and mussels to prepare the “Charentaise mouclade” with shallots, garlic cloves, herbs, spices, eggs, cream and, above all, Pineau des Charentes! After a tasting from the cheese stalls, go to the wine shops where you will discover Cognac, Pineau, vins de pays, liqueurs… a prestigious range of local products! 

Top 5 la rochelle activities

La Rochelle is a beautiful city full of places and activities not to be missed. To facilitate your stay in La Rochelle, we present you our TOP 5 activities to do during a week-end in the city.

1. Discover the Aquarium of La Rochelle, dive into the depths of the ocean!

2. The Towers of La Rochelle, they are the 3 most important monuments of the city. Visiting them will allow you to admire a magnificent panorama.

3. Stroll in the historical district to understand the spirit of this maritime city!

4. Go to the city Halles to taste our regional specialties that will enchant your taste buds.

5. Sail away to discover the coast and especially the beautiful surrounding islands!